About Us

Lalonde Honey Farms and Tony Lalonde Sales were founded by Tony Lalonde. He has been able to create two well established businesses from what originally began as a hobby. Tony works close to home as his entire operation is located on his farm near Clavet, Saskatchewan. In fact, the business has truly become a family operation since Tony’s son Dan has now become partners with Tony and is quickly learning the business.

Lalonde Honey Farms

Lalonde Honey Farms represents the beekeeping portion of Tony’s enterprise. Tony has been able to educate himself with the latest beekeeping techniques making him one of the most prosperous and knowledgeable beekeepers in Canada. His success has earned him a 10 year average crop of over 300 pounds per hive. Tony has been able to establish a very hardy and fruitful variety of bees. Every spring and summer, Dan raises queens from selected breeders to ensure that this hardy stock is maintained. Only the best queens in the operation are used as breeders ensuring that the best genetic stock is used. These queens help to produce exceptionally strong colonies year after year. Each winter, the colonies are wintered outdoors using winter wraps that were self-designed and custom-made by Tony himself.

Tony Lalonde Sales

Tony Lalonde Sales inc. originated when another beekeeping supply distributor was needed in the prairie provinces. Focusing on both locally and internationally produced beekeeping products, TLS provides beekeepers with numerous options to suit their individual needs and preferences. TLS offers a wide range of beekeeping supplies to meet all the needs of beekeepers. TLS also provides the bulk sale of honey. Within the first three years of selling bulk honey, Tony expanded the operation to become the number 1 ranked distributor of Canadian Honey. Customer retention and referrals are allowing for further growth and expansion. TLS makes certain that tests have been performed on all honey that it sells. Tony visually inspects all operations for which he sells honey to guarantee that all requirements have been met. As further quality control, a tracking system has been implemented so that shipments can be traced back to a certain individual’s honey crop and exact location where the honey was produced. At TLS we pride ourselves on maintaining customer satisfaction and superior quality products.