How do I go about registering as a licensed beekeeper?

Contact Geoff Wilson at the Government of Saskatchewan, the provincial apiarist.  There is no cost to register.

Can I have bees in the city?

Yes, you can have bees in the city.  Be aware of your immediate neighbours and discuss your plans with them to ensure you have an understanding on the bees and their likely flight path to water and food.

How many bees are typically found in each hive?

Approximately 50,000 at peak season in summer, but during the winter they downsize to 10,000.  Hives can be larger in some scenarios.

When do you begin to wrap the hives for winter?

We suggest Thanksgiving weekend.  Once the temperature drops below zero consistently, your bees should be wrapped.

When and how do you treat the bees for mites?

Test in the fall for mites.  If you are 3% or higher, treat for mites.  In the spring treat again, targeting yards where mites are showing up in the yard.  Several options are available to treat with including Apivar, Apistan, and Oxalic Acid.

How many pounds of honey is in a typical hive?

Depending on size and location, you can expect between 100 and 300 lbs of honey.  Commercial operators typically produce over 250 lbs per hive.

How dangerous are bees actually?

If mismanaged bees can be very dangerous.  If you are allergic to them and you get stung, you could have an anaphalactic reaction and die.  Beekeepers should keep an epipen handy for emergency use in the event you receive multiple stings, or have someone with an allergy visiting who gets stung.

When do I typically want to order Queens or packages?

Call us in April to discuss your order.  Packages are available starting in late April or early May.  Queens are available at several times in the season.

What are some of the rules in regards to food labeling?

Honey must be labelled to conform with laws.  In Canada this includes having french, ingredients, nutrional information, and weight.