Last chance to catch up

June is your last month to ‘catch-up’. Beekeeping requirements are usually somewhat reduced during June – keep up with supering ahead of the bee population to help reduce the chance of swarming or to keep up with the honey flow, and ensure your bees have food.

Ensure you have:

Sufficient supers for honey flow and hive growth

Extra Information


Early June

Nucs can be made throughout June, but providing a mated queen or a queen cell will provide a better chance for the nuc to establish itself and grow its population.

Video for: mixing foundation – 3 frames and 4 frames per honey super

Late June

Watch the bloom.  This will tell you when you need to super your hives.  If you have Canola in your area, you can add 2 supers to a full-size hive a few days after it starts to bloom.  Depending on your extracting schedule and the number of supers you have, you can add 2 more honey supers 10 days after the canola first starts to bloom.

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